Tax Compliance + GROWTH

  Our Compliance package provides essential services tailored for proactive entrepreneurs.  Compliance includes bookkeeping, tax preparation, access to our streamlined client application and portal for effortless and secure tax filing. 

TAX PLANNING (optional)*

*Tax planning isn't just optional...

It's a proactive choice...

A roadmap to financial clarity...

Guiding each decision...

Maximizing every dollar...

Unlocking hidden savings...

Empowering informed decisions...

Crafting your financial future...

..and ensuring your success!



  • Simple Bookkeeping

  • Tax Preparation

  • Savings Strategies

  • Quarterly Reporting

  • Semi-Annual Tax Planning

  • Payroll Processing* ($46/mo.)

  • Sales Tax (not offered)

TAX PLANNING (optional)


  • Tax Scenario Projections

  • Real Estate Calculations

  • Lender Reports

  • Real Estate Tax Strategies

  • Lender Communications



  • Remote Staffing

  • Automations

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Buy or Sell a Business

  • CRM Implementation

  • Remote Desktop Setup

  • Audited Financials*

  • Limited Availability*